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Representative Investments

Edge Flooring
Edge Flooring manufactures Edge tile, an innovative new product that dramatically simplifies the process of laying ceramic and stone tile. The system features real tile with pre-attached backerboard, pre-mixed ready-to-use grout, underlayment and saw blade. It effectively reduces the number of products needed for conventional installation from 14 to three. Edge tile is sold primarily through the home improvement retail channel. The concept behind the Edge Flooring system was developed through the combined efforts of professionals with decades of experience in the flooring industry. Edge corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Dalton, Georgia, the flooring capital of the world. For additional information about Edge Flooring products, visit www.edgeflooring.com.


Pacer Technology
Pacer Technology is a leading manufacturer, packager and distributor of advanced technology, high performance glues, epoxies and other adhesives for household, office and other consumer applications, and advanced technology, high performance adhesives, sealants and gaskets used in manufacturing, repair and industrial applications. Pacer’s products are sold primarily through the home improvement retail channel. Pacer Technology was taken private by an investor group in 2003.

  Global Crossing  
Global Crossing provides telecommunications services over a global fiber-optic network. Global Crossing has completed a series of acquisitions and investments designed to extend the network and provide access to products, services and operational capability. Global Crossing went public in an Initial Public Offering in 1998.
Applied Semantics  
Applied Semantics is a producer of software applications for the online advertising, domain name and enterprise information management markets. Applied Semantics' products are based on its patented CIRCA technology, which understands, organizes, and extracts knowledge from websites and information repositories in a way that mimics human thought and enables more effective information retrieval. A key application of the CIRCA technology is Applied Semantics' AdSense product that enables web publishers to understand the key themes on web pages to deliver highly relevant and targeted advertisements. Applied Semantics was acquired by Google in 2003.
  Cyrano Sciences
Pasadena, California-based Cyrano Sciences, Inc. (Cyrano) has developed chemical sensors and software solutions that allow its customers to protect people and facilities with an end-to-end "train of awareness." The Company’s products target the defense, homeland security, industrial and commercial markets. In 2004, Cyrano was acquired by Smiths Detection.
  The Brain Technologies Corporation
The Brain Technologies Corporation offers an Enterprise Knowledge Platform that collapses the time to resolution of mission-critical goals by delivering the right information, in the right context, when employees need it. This solution, BrainEKP™, links disparate data sources into a collaborative workplace accessible through a dynamic, visual interface. BrainEKP unites an organization’s information systems to create a knowledge map that enables the capture and sharing of the company’s business processes and best thinking.